Sản phẩm của chúng tôi

Đang giúp các công ty, nhà môi gới bất động sản khác nhau đưa sản phẩm của họ lên nền tảng trực tuyến và số hóa các quy trình nghiệp vụ.

Brokers & Teams

As a real-estate broker managing a team of agents, and admin staff  you have a lot on your mind.  Property Flow provides a complete end-to-end solution for you and your team to ensure that you are always on top of your business.

Manage your real-estate listings in a central platform, and assign properties to the responsible agents.  Ensure that the correct agents receive the leads generated, and that the team have a tool  to efficiently manage and follow up on the leads.

Are you experiencing these challenges?.

Listing management

Are you still working with Excel files? Move your properties online, and make sure the listings are secure while your having full access both from your office and on the go through agent app.


Are you worried about spending a lot of time and money building your own website? Why not get your professional and modern website with real-time updated properties for your whole team online in days?

Co-brokering / Stock search

Access inventory of other agents, and collaborate on sales to increase your revenue.

Mobile workflow

Have full access to all your properties through a modern and high quality agent mobile app.


Its not easy to get hold of real-estate developers inventory, and you want to increase your sales of new developments?

Portal upload

Does your team spend a lot of time uploading listings to portals?  Increase your marketing reach and lead generation by automatically upload your property listings to leading Thai and international real-estate portals.

Control of leads?

Do you have full control of all your leads, and which agents are working on which leads? If not, a real-estate CRM might be what you need.

Sole agent

You have the sales team, but not the technology to efficiently market and promote a real-estate projects

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